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Nanoleaf 4D User Manual

Common Troubleshooting Issues

설명서 질문

“My colours while screen mirroring are not accurately working.”

This can be improved by going to Calibration on your app and ensuring that the camera is positioned well to see the screen properly, and that the corners of the Lightstrip are accurately calibrated. You can also try to use the presets provided or adjust your camera parameters to custom settings.

재보정할 때 다음의 팁과 사용 요령을 기억하세요.

  1. 보정 전에 커튼을 치거나 주면 조명을 끄세요
  2. 카메라가 상단에 설치된 경우, 전체 화면을 볼 수 있도록 낮은 각도로 기울이세요
  3. 화면이 프레임에 대비되고 모서리를 더 쉽게 찾을 수 있도록 보정 중에는 TV를 켜두세요
  4. 모든 보정점을 서로 조금 더 가까이, 화면 가장자리에서 더 멀리 옮겨서 오류 가능성을 줄이세요
4D 설정 팁 및 사용 요령에 대한 동영상 튜토리얼
설명서 질문

“I can’t pair my Nanoleaf 4D”

Try the Reset Options listed in the section below before attempting to pair again. Hold the Power + Colour Scene button on the 4D Controller for 10s while it is still powered on. When done correctly, the Lightstrip will flash white and the controller LED will go off from being solid white. After this, attempt pairing again.

설명서 질문

“I’ve enabled Sync+ but my other Nanoleaf devices are not screen mirroring”

Make sure that the Nanoleaf devices you’ve added to Sync+ meet the system requirements.

Nanoleaf Lines and Shapes must be on Firmware 9.2.0+. Support for Essentials will come with a future firmware upgrade, and will also need to be on Thread to work with Sync+

If you’re trying to enable Sync+ on the OG Rhythm Light Panels, Firmware 5.3 is required (subject to change).

설명서 질문

“My app crashed during calibration”

Go to device settings and click on calibration to go through the steps again on the app.

설명서 질문

“My 4D controller is not responding to button presses”

Power cycle by unplugging it from power and then plugging it back in before you power it back on to test it again.

If it still does not respond to button presses (e.g. button LED does not blink when press a specific button or Lightstrip does not respond), contact Customer Support for a replacement.

contact support
설명서 질문

“I cut my Lightstrip too short”

Once cut, the strip can not be connected back together, Please reach out to Customer Support to get a replacement.

contact support
설명서 질문

“Reset Options”

If you are still experiencing issues with your Nanoleaf 4D, try these steps:

껐다 켜기

Power cycle your Nanoleaf 4D devices by unplugging them from power and then plugging them back in.


Try toggling your Wi-Fi off and back on, restarting the app you’re using to control your lights, or restarting your device.

스위치 확인하기

멀티탭과 같은 물리적 스위치로 조명을 끄지 않도록 하세요. 작동이 정지되어 반응하지 않게 됩니다.


Reset the device by pressing the Power and Colour Scene button on the Controller together for at least 10s, while it is still powered on.

이 단계들을 모두 실행하고도 문제가 계속되는 경우 당사 지원팀으로 연락하여 추가 지원을 받으시기 바랍니다.

contact support
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